Markets (UPDATED)

We are a purely mobile business that travel mostly around the North West of England. Below is some of or regular monthly markets and a list of our other venues. 

Our events for 2021!

Market Dates will be updated soon

1st Saturday of the month-  Romiley Village Market, Stockport, Romiley Precinct, SK6 4EA, 9.30am - 3pm



If you host a party for us, anything that we sell you will receive 10% of in cash. As well depending on the number of people attending we will raffle up to 3 of our items and the money raised from that you will receive 50% in cash.

Since the business started 6 years ago we have done many fundraisers for charity's, ladies guilds, theaters and churches. There a great event to host as you can make money and do something for a good cause as well.

If you would like more detail please contact us.

Statue of David (inside Accademia Firenz
Chapel de Medici (Florence)
David - Firenze Academia
Picture of the Duomo
Chapel de Medici, Florence